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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 14, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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reporting what matters to you, you're watching "today in the bay" with kris sanchez and weather with rob mayeda. >> good morning to you. maybe you are up early in the south bay because you're packing up the tailgate and heading up
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to candle stick. it's an exciting day for 49er fans this morning. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. it is cold right now but by game time, perfect. >> it's chilly outside. in fact, most places in the 20s and 30s this morning. clear, dry air this morning. cold start, san jose 38 right now. 48 in san francisco. look at the temperatures around santa rosa and gilroy. we'll see 49er golden sunshine or the red fog as they like to say around fans. january sunshine. notice we have clear skies. two systems, one passing by to the south, one passing by to the north that will bring us some high clouds later on this afternoon. it's a cold start but a nice wrapup to the day. should see low to mid-60s for most of the bay area, close to 70 in gilroy. highs could be as much as 15 degrees cooler. we'll talk about big changes in your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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>> as rob said, perfect weather for playoff football, right? 49er fans have been waiting a long time for today's matchup against the new orleans saints. they are pumped. this is the red and gold first playoff appearance in almost a decade. right now the 49ers and saints are resting at their respective team hotels near candle stick. as for the fans they will be at the edge of their seats whether at the stadium, the couch or a bar stool. cheryl herd has spent some time with fans on both sides of the big matchup. >> reporter: a taste of new orleans french quarter rolling into san francisco. ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ >> last monday night lsu didn't do too good. we have to take this out on the 49ers, okay? who dat! >> reporter: for 49er fans hanging out at pete's tavern, saturday's game is no laughing
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matter. >> who dat don't mean nothing to me. >> reporter: george melendez, ray and mary gonzalez -- >> niners, niners, all the way. >> reporter: are all life-long 49er fans. how long have you been a fan. >> since ç1946. >> reporter: that's the very beginning, right. >> yes. >> who dat means highway 101, san francisco airport, back to new orleans. that's how i look at it. you're going home. >> reporter: not before the two teams square off saturday. >> we're not expecting nobody else to win. we're here in san francisco. we're going to win no matter what. >> and the saints win. >> reporter: the saints have won the last six games over the 49ers including this monday night football game played last season. >> i believe the niners have to pressure drew brees. if they can hold drew brees and not chase the saints for points, they can beat them. >> you're going home, new orleans. you're playing with the wrong
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team. >> reporter: cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> i love loyal fans. if the 49ers win, they will play the new york giants or the green bay packers, whoever wins that game tomorrow afternoon. public transit is probably going to be your best bet. muni is offering four muni express routes. b.a.r.t. is the alternative to driving on the bay bridge. expect heavy traffic in both directions of highway 101 at least three hours before that 1:30 kickoff. same goes for the westbound upper deck of the bay bridge, before the game and of course the eastbound lower deck after the game. between the south bay and the city, interstate 280 is a good go-around as well. the fans are ready, we think the niners are ready and pg & e says they're ready, too. pg & e and the city of san francisco say they're confident
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that things are fixed after nearly a month of intense review and repair. pg & e replaced 8,700 feet of wire and 9 power poles near the stadium. ross r mirkarimi turned himself in to san francisco police last night. he was booked, fingerprinted and photographed. though the sheriff was released after posting bail, a judge ordered him to stay away from his family for seven days. the charges stem from a new year's eve fight with his wife when he's accused of bruising her arm. their son allegedly witnessed that incident, prompting the child endangerment charge. mirkarimi is vowing to clear his name and keep his badge with his wife at his side. >> i want to say this is unbelievable. i don't have any complaint against my husband. we are together and we are fighting. we are going to fight this. this is my family, my husband
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and my son. >> mayor ed lee says that in light of the charges he is considering whether to take action asç having someone else take over as sheriff. what are the possible outcomes? if he is convicted of any of the three misdemeanors, he will have to forfeit his gun. he could face anything from probation to a year in jail. so the south bay where some sweet treats siene the two middle school girls to the hospital. the girls got violently sick after eating marijuana-laced candy. "today in the bay" found out they got that candy from a classmate at school. >> reporter: san jose unified officials say the marijuana-laced candy is said to have looked like amiroka. >> they use wrappers, manipulate it into a candy form. it could be made at home or
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bought elsewhere. i'm not sure. >> reporter: two eighth grade students became sick after eating the tainted candy. >> very nauseous. they were extremely nauseous. both of them actually vomited. >> reporter: both had to be taken to the hospital. seventh grader garcia saw one of the them being put on a stretcher. >> make sure it's chocolate. >> reporter: the school called the parents to let them know what happened. >> you try to teach your kids not to take candy from strangers but you don't expect that from fellow students at school. >> reporter: they'll be talking to their children to reinforce that message. >> i've been talking to them about making wise choices their whole life. i think this is just another lesson in the book for them. that you can never be too careful. >> reporter: school officials say a total of six students, including the two who got sick will be disciplined and could
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face suspension. >> whether they ingested it, held it, knew about it, there's always something that goes along with having actions like this in school. disciplinary action will be followed on these students. >> reporter: georgia kiriyama, "today in the bay." the two girls who were taken to the hospital, by the way, are doing better this morning. coming up on "today in the bay," a disaster of titanic proportions. we have the latest overnight developments on a luxury cruise ship that got into big trouble. and a terrifying car jacking all caught on surveillance we shl 'low you how idede we'll show you how it ended.
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this is "today in the bay." good morning. looking live at the setup there in chinatown. it's not the new year's celebration and festival. that's happening later this month.
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this is regular chinatown business. a cruise ship, part of it remains under water. officials expect the death toll will rise. the ship hit a sand bar sending water pouring through a 160-foot gash in the hull. it began to sink fast, forcing the chaotic evacuation of the ship's 4,200 passengers. some reached land by life boats or helicopters. others had to swim to shore. surveillance video captured a gunman hijacking a car stopped at a highway toll booth. the gunmen forced the man, woman and child out of the car. another woman jumped from the car, holding a small child. police rushed in firing tear gas at the car jacker and did eventually take him into custody. in new york, watch this, a
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teenager had to be plucked from the east river. he wasç sailing an inflatable raft down the river when it punctured and collapsed, sending him into the icy waters. firefighters dove in and hoisted him up to safety with their helicopter. that teenager was treated for hypothermia. it's been very cold in new york, too. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, a red and gold shortage. 49er fans snapping up souvenirs. we'll show you which ones are most in demand. >> you'll want a red and goldwyner it jacket this morning. it's cold outside. look at san francisco. we're cloud-free but a nice afternoon where you can wear a t-shirt before big changes roll in. a look at you 49ers forecast when we come right back.
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this is "today in the bay." good morning. looking live at the golden gate bridge and it is smooth sailing right now. but experts sçay, expect lots
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heavy traffic, even three hours before that 1:30 kickoff. by kickoff you can expect mild temperatures, perfect for wearing red, gold, you know, painting your face. we'll see shirtless people i'm sure. >> at least this afternoon. right now, a little bit too cold for that. 20s and 30s for most of the inland valleys. is that a sign? 49 in san francisco. 38 in san jose, inland, 27 in gilroy, 27 in fairfield. no clouds, dry air, which has really helped temperatures drop off. low 60s around game time. a few high clouds coming in during the day. a gorgeous day today. perfect day for playoff football. in fact once you see the seven-day forecast, you'll see today is the nicest day for any plans outdoors. tomorrow morning we see some changes. today, 50s and 60s for the bay area. tomorrow, much cooler and drier air comes on into the bay area
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which drops our morning temperatures more as well. not enough wind to prevent a spare the air day. we have one more today. by tomorrow, certainly next week, as the pattern gets more active, we should see better air quality. the radar doing what it's done for the last month or so. really not finding any rain. clouds here to the south. the system dropping in from the north. bay area sitting right in between the two. we see high clouds at times but no showers. one more mild day of highs, mostly in the 60s. in fact, areas south of san jose may get close to 70 for this afternoon. tomorrow as the system drops in from the north, expect breezy and dry conditions as is the case that these systems will drop in out of the north. they tend to be drier but pull in cooler air and maybe showers up here on the north coast. we notice as we go through the weekend, lake tahoe dry. a few snow flurries to dry up the weekend. much breezy by sunday. into the futurecast, a few extra clouds as we go through the
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afternoon. sunday, breezy and cooler. the middle part of the week is when the jet stream drops to the south. you'll see a chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. low 60s for san francisco, upper 60s around morgan hill. the sierra has a red flag warning straight up through the weekend due to the fact we have the gusty, dry winds. i think as we look to the middle part of the week, we see a chance of snow and rain for the bay area, especially come thursday and friday. today it's all about the 49ers sunshine which has shown up right there. >> we've been begging for rain. rain, rain, rain. now that it's here, we're like, wait on that. >> we certainly do need it. >> lots of folks going up there, playing a lot of scrabble up there. fighting for closure of occupy san francisco protesters will continue what they say is their fight to keep people from getting out of their çhomes. occupy sf.
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they will join housing groups at the corner of 16th and mission street. from there they will protest what they say are unfair lending practices forecloseures and convictions. in honor of the civil rights leader, bayview opera house on third street a parade will start and go down to the swimming pool. mlk day is on monday. it's been nearly a decade but the 49ers hope their playoff drought is over. just like the old days, football fans are planning their weekends around the neners. first thing this morning, we start with the dirty work. the field crew at candle stick is working overtime on a makeover for the matchup with today's new orleans saints. the fans are ready as well.
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>> reporter: there's no mistaking the football allegiance of jose torres. >> every single game i went to this year. >> reporter: especially when he's behind the wheel of his truck. >> it's red, niner colors, of course. >> reporter: this isn't even the gameday look. >> usually i have more flags on the truck and the magnet. >> reporter: the long-time 49ers fan has driven his truck through good seasons and bad. this year, the team and the truck are turning heads. >> a lot of people are honking. i see them taking pictures, giving me the thumbs up, number one. i don't pay attention because i'm driving. >> reporter: with the 49ers driving into the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season, fans are gearing up. >> we're buying jerseys and shirts. >> reporter: pier 39 was filled with the 49 faithful. here the faithful bleed red and gold. >> you can feel the energy. it's buzzing everywhere.
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it's in the streets, everywhere. >> reporter: 49er fan tina jackson flew from atlanta to cheer on the team. >> it's been a long time. always being the butt of the jokes and knowing you're going home in december. so it's like, it's the best feeling. >> reporter: down at fisherman's wharf, 49 fever was fueling a different type of commerce. the fish company was selling plenty of crab for parties. >> they've been coming in here, start talking to us about the crabs, amazed at how large our crabs are in comparison to their blue crab. >> reporter: not all saints fans were getting the crabby treatment. exactly two people turned out for a welcome saints fans luncheon at fior çd'italiy restaurant. >> we had one person say it's going to be a long ride back. >> reporter: it could be a long drive home for torres if the
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49ers don't win. for now, the excitement of this unlikely season is like a road with no end in sight. still more ahead for you on "today in the bay," coming up, did you ever think you might have a face for fraud? e ofplternet scam that could bep yourf.tohos to rip people off. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope.
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lonely and looking for love, scammers know that online dating sites are filled with people willing to share information. we found out crooks are cashing in using photos of others to do their dirty deeds. we go in depth and show how a few keystrokesç can save major heart ache. >> he was local. >> reporter: tall -- >> 6'1".
7:24 am
>> reporter: blue eyes. >> tall, dark and handsome. >> reporter: she met him through, a dating website for singles age 50 and up. he was a single dad, working in high-tech in the bay area. >> this person was giving me the fairy tale on everything. >> reporter: after hours of instant jeanie wanted to meet mark but he wanted to send a gift. >> against my better judgment i gave him my address. >> reporter: one look told her the check was bogus. >> university was spelled incorrectly. the word corporation was spelled incorrectly. the second red flag came soon after. he said he was in malaysia, the victim of a vicious robbery. >> i was stabbed, robbed of my credit card and money.
7:25 am
>> reporter: he said he needed money to get home. that's when she cut off communication. she couldn't help wonder, who was the man in the photos? well, we found him. >> these are photos of you. >> yes. >> reporter: his name is mark mccloud. >> mark mccloud is a hard-working man, been working since the age of 13. i've been married to my wonderful wife for 26 years. we've been together for over 30. i have two wonderful children. >> reporter: mark says he first found out his face had been hijacked by hackers when a woman in miami called him saying her best friend had been scammed out of $5,000 and the crook was using mark's photos on a dating site. >> it was pennsylvania, then we had somebody in alaska, germany. >> reporter: mark says scammers created dozens of facebook pages and dating profiles using his photos. you don't have a facebook
7:26 am
account, a twitter account, a myspace account. >> no. >> reporter: you don't have dating profiles out there? >> no. >> reporter: i said what you're doing is wrong. they wrote me, what do you think you are? if anything, i'm making you more popular. they're on websites because he's a part-time actor. how did we find the real? >> we can search the public images. >> reporter: he's a video search expert. >> i was able to take the images you gave me and do a search across the whole internet. >> reporter: we sent himour images of mark. he uploaded the image and theç search engine returned dozens of sites with mark's photos. some legit, most of them not. >> anybody that was concerned about a person they were chatting with online could simply have done a similar search and know right away they were talking to a scammer.
7:27 am
>> reporter: you can do the same thing with your own photos. you can search using the url. here's the catch. these are only public images. if someone is using your photo on facebook or myspace, but they set them to private, the basic search engines won't find them. still, steve says these are the best tools out there right now. >> this kind of thing used to be impossible. this type of image search is cutting edge, very, very new. but you can see it's incredibly powerful. >> it breaks my heart, it really does. it hurts me to know they were lured in. >> reporter: lucky for jeanie trump, she walked away three roses and a box of chocolates wiser, still hoping she'll find love that's real. >> it will come around in time. >> reporter: "today in the bay." the dating site never responded to our requests.
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much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, the warning from police, hundred had thing for tickets for today's big 49ers playoff game. plus, a bay area teacher accused of assaulting second grade students. we'll show you the school where he taught. everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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you're watching "today in the bay" with kris sanchez and weather with rob mayeda. good morning to you. looking live at a nice start in chinatown there in the city and it is going to be an exciting day all around san francisco. of course, all around the bay area if you are a fan of the red and gold. thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda and finally a chance of rain but we don't want to talk about that. >> everyone around the country watching bay area, 60s in january in san francisco, that's gorgeous. right now it's cold outside,
7:31 am
lots of 20s and 30s for inland valleys. san jose, 38 right now. but by the time the game gets started as the sports theme plays, looks pretty good, low 60s. a few high clouds today. nicest day. you can see as we pass noon, 50s and 60s outside. how about upper 60s? low 60s san francisco. notice it says the last warm day for a while. we've had chilly mornings but we haven't had chilly afternoons. much-needed rain and sierra snow back in the forecast. >> thanks, rob. well, it has been a long time since the glory days of the 49ers, joe montana and steve young and nearly a decade since the niners were playing in the postseason. but what matters to their fans now is that the team is back. except some of those fans aren't wearing red and gold. they're wearing gold and black.
7:32 am
new orleans fans arrived ready to root for their beloved saints. the team faces off this afternoon at candle sticks. niners fans are ready. new orleans has beat the niners in their last six meetings, including a monday night football game last season. >> last monday night, lsu didn't do too good. we have to take this out on the 49ers, okay? who dat! >> who dat means highway 101, san francisco airport, back to new orleans. that's how i look at it. >> i like how he talks. by theç way, the saints are favored by 3.5 points but what's that in football anyway? right? should the niners win this afternoon they will go on to the nfc championship to face off against the new york giants or green bay packers. that will be decided tomorrow when they play in the afternoon. public transit probably the best way to get anywhere around candle stick today. muni is offering four muni
7:33 am
express routes and two shuttles for fans to get toen cadle stick. bench average r.t. would be the alternative for people driving on the bay bridge. expect heavy traffic in both directions on highway 101 at least three hours before the 1:30 kickoff. same goes for the westbound upper deck of the bay bridge from the game and the eastbound lower deck after the game. interstate 280 is a good alternative into and out of san francisco. if you'd like to go to today's game but you don't have your tickets yet, you should watch out for possible counterfeits that police believe are circulating. san francisco police say some counterfeit tickets have already been confiscated. meantime, big stadium news in santa clara about the future of the 49ers. the city attorney declared this week the $850 million
7:34 am
construction loan to build a new stadium will not be subject to a bottom line. bottom line, $850 million green light for the 49ers. santa clara plays fair, an anti-stadium group has been collecting signatures in hopes of forcing a referendum on that loan which was approved last month. a city attorney said the action was an administrative act to carry out what voters approved in june 2010. that's when a vote passed to allow a new 49ers stadium to be built near the great america theme park. anti-stadium group vows to continue its fight against that loan. one week after taking the helm as san francisco's sheriff, ross mirkarimi is facing charges of domestic abuse and they are now official. the former san francisco supervisor turned himself in to city police last night, vowing to fight the three misdemeanor charges against him. he's vowing to clear his name and keep his badge. "today in the bay's" jean elle
7:35 am
has details. >> i believe the charges are very unfounded. and we will fight these charges. >> reporter: before surrendering to authorities on domestic violence charges, sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife show a united front. >> i want to say this is unbelievable. as i say these words i don't have any complaint against my husband. we are together and we are fighting. we are going to fight this. this is my family, my husband and my son. >> reporter: the district attorney is charging mirkarimi with misdemeanorç domestic violence, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. >> we have evidence that indicates that the young child was present during the incident. we have evidence, we have a charge of dissuading or attempt to dissuade a witness. this has to do with an attempt to either preclude the victim or
7:36 am
witness from calling the police and reporting a crime. >> reporter: d.a. george gascon says he has video evidence that shows lopez's bruised arm and text messages detailing the incident. the investigation isn't over. >> we have information. >> reporter: the charges trigger an emergency seven-day stayaway order forbidding mirkarimi from returning home. moments after the sheriff was booked in a jail he oversees, his attorney told reporters mirkarimi is prepared to fight the charges but being separated from his family is painful. >> he's quite upset that this process does not allow him to be with his wife and child who he wants to be with. they want to be with him. it makes it very difficult. >> reporter: jean elle, "today in the bay." mirkarimi says he has no plans to step aside as sheriff. he plans to be back at work on tuesday. he may appear in court tuesday to answer to those charges. mayor ed lee says in the light of the charges he's considering whether or not to take action to
7:37 am
have someone else take over as sheriff. these are the possible outcomes for mirkarimi. first if he is convicted of any of the three misdemeanors, he will have to turn in his gun, making him the only unarmed sheriff in the state. also in conflicted, mirkarimi could face anything from probation to a year in jail. a san jose teacher accused of sexually assaulting two second graders is denying all allegations. 35-year-old craig chandler was formally charged in court yesterday with assaulting two 7-year-olds at an elementary school last year. he taught a combination second/third grade class at that school for the last nine years. his lawyer says he will enter a not guilty plea by the end of the month. meanwhile, police say they are trying to find out whether there are other victims. much more ahead on "today in the bay." we talk with a filmmaker working to expose human trafficking in central america. what he's seen and how you can get involv to edlp. c
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january is national human trafficking awareness month. a group of young adults, some of them from the bay area are working on a project in central america to expose human trafficking there. they produced a short documentary about some of the women who were rescued and who are now successfully starting new lives. ryan mackle joins us this morning. he's part of that production of "on broken wings." it's a documentary. you're still filming it right now. >> yes. >> how did you get involved with what's happening in central america? >> i graduated from high school in 2010. i pretty much knew that college really wasn't for me. and so i left on a five-month mission trip in costa rica. that was in september 2010. it was there that i met a filmmaker, photographer who is
7:41 am
from gauatemala where he had me underage prostitutes. it touched him, made him want to do some things. he shared that with me. >> a lot of people think as costa rica as a place you go on vacation. it's beautiful, relaxing, serene. there's a difficult underbelly to it. >> yes, absolutely. >> some of the women that are now starting their new lives were sold into prostitution when they were just 5 years old. were you shockedç to hear that how do you start to make sense of that? >> i can't relate in any way. i can't wrap my head around that in any way. their innocence has been stolen from them and i in no way can comprehend what's happened to them. >> right. >> it's a bit hard to deal with at first. but we've really seen how these lives have been changed since they've been rescued. seeing them get out of that is
7:42 am
where my hope lies. my hope lies that people can be changed and redeemed. >> i assume that's what makes it easier -- you know, the sad part of that fact is that they're able to come on "on broken wings," which is the name of your film. what do you want people to see in your documentary? >> i want people to see, we're young, we're 19, ages between 19 and 25. we saw a problem. right now there was no solution. at least right now there isn't. we were like, hey, we want to do something about this. and so really what we want people to say is, hey, we can do something and put that in people's minds, create a mind change is what we want. >> so you're just trying to raise awareness, right? >> yes. that's really the first steps to finding a solution and the root problem of what's going on. >> how do you think people can get involved if they can take a five-month mission to central america or to some other place?
7:43 am
>> really, for us to be able to -- we have incredible social networking and to be able to share with everyone you know what's going on, share our videos or share, just spreading at wearness of what's going on. the more people that know about it, the more minds we have working towards a solution. not only that but to support financially. we -- 100% off of donations. that's how we're doing the documentary. we're trying to raise $15,000 to do the documentary. we've raised about $3,000. we're about a third of the way through the filming process. we have to raise another $12,000. >> you think filmmaking seems like a way to spend a life. but then your cause has become much more serious. >> yes, yes. >> did you ever imagine you'd find yourself in central america doing a documentary film about
7:44 am
human trafficking? >> if you told me this a year and a half ago, i would have told you you're crazy. but it's all coming together. >> what do you say to the people that say the world's problems are insure mountable. there's nothing i can do. >> we can see individual lives change. that's where ourç hope lies, i that one person that changes the two people and if we can affect them and make a difference. that's all that matters. >> where can we see part of your documentary. >> www.iamactive.or >> thank you very much for coming in to talk with us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> i know it's really early for you. we wish you the best of luck and
7:45 am
hope you'll come back when the documentary is done. >> thank you very much. still to come, a san mateo family fights to save their little boy. how you may be able to help him today. here's a view of a chilly start to the day around the bay area. lots of 30s but a gorgeous saturday forecast. the seven-day is definitely bringing back rain and see ow sn a weow. l show you the timing when we come right back.
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7:47 am
and now, "today in the bay" weather with rob mayeda. >> good saturday morning to you. 7:47 right now. looking live at the bay bridge. folks already heading to town. already tailgaters out there for the 49ers game. coming up this afternoon. it is a chilly start, no fog around san francisco. the pictures brought to us by josh keffle this morning. clear skies, 34 right now in oakland. san francisco, yes, it is 49 degrees. 49er degrees.
7:48 am
with mostly sunny skies with be no fog except for the red fog that will be filling up candle stick park today. temperatures in the low 60s, january sunshine. gorgeous weather for football. not lambeau field weather. we have that this morning right as we go through the afternoon. lots of 60s, gorgeous weather but big changes coming up in the seven-day forecast. lots of 60s for most of the bay area today. high clouds at times coming in. tomorrow, big drop in our daytime temperatures as colder air blasts down the coast and eventually increasing chances of seeing rain. no rain in the radar. notice two systems, the bay area in a good spot to be in terms of your weekend forecast right now. both skill scoot by to our south and one from the north will hold off until tomorrow. we have a storm off to the north, highs today mostly 60s. pretty nice today. tomorrow, you'll notice the winds picking up in the hills. highs in the mid-50s.
7:49 am
it's been a while since we've seen cool afternoon temperatures. notice the path of the storm track as we go through the week. as we go through the motion into the middle part of the week, notice the jet stream dropping to the south, thursday, friday, a good bet, friday into saturday. we'll catch up on some rain but not until we pass through the middle part of the week. today, 60s and in fact, still possible. we could see a 70, maybe down towards areas near gilroy or hollister. look out for a red flag warning in the sierra. still dry and breezy there. everything changes as we go towards the middle part of the week. it looks like a pattern shift that will bring us rain and sierra snow. the warmest day of the forecast, just in time for the 49ers taking on the saints this afternoon. >> that will be an exciting game. the saints are favored but only 3 1/2 points. >> one of the hottest offenses running smack into the toughest defense in the nfl.
7:50 am
i like our chances. >> thanks, rob. chinese new year is just around the corner. to get ready for the year, the dragon, san francisco's chinatown has something special happening this weekend. the flower fair will be held in chinatown today. here are live pictures of the setup. i bet it smells great down there. today it is happening from 10:00 afternoon. tomorrow, the fair will be held from 9:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening. the flower fair is held throughout chinatown. there are many street closures that you'll want to know about, grant avenue is closed between clay and broadway. pacific avenue is closed between columbus and stockton. also jackson street is shut down between stockton and kearny. washington street is closed between stockton and kearny. the intersections at jackson/grant, washington/grant and pacific/grant are also closed. all of the streets re-open at 11:00 on sunday night. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, got your
7:51 am
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this is "today in the bay." and looking live at one of the city streets there inç san francisco. a beautiful start to the day, though very, very chilly. if you're headed out to get a little exercise, maybe walk the dog, make sure you bundle up. by this afternoon you'll be able to strip down some of the layers. today you may be able to help save the life of a 4-year-old boy from san mateo who could die if he doesn't get a bone marrow transplant. organizers are hoping more people will show up at the second drive today. this is kyle crawford. he's suffering from a bone marrow disease and his parents say he may only have months to live. he's having a hard time finding a bone marrow match, though, because the donor would likely have to be half caucasian and
7:54 am
half asian just like he is. today's drive runs from noon until 3:00 in the afternoon at the haight ashbury free clinic in san francisco. there were three young childrens whose lives were cut short after each was shot in the head. today they will be honored and remembered at two oakland churches. 3-year-old carlos nava was shot and killed in august while his mother pushed him in a stroller and also remembered will be this 23-month-old. and the latest victim, 5-year-old gabriel martinez who was shot while standing outside his family's taco truck. the havenscourt boulevard will
7:55 am
also be holding a block party. your chance to start your day with free coffee will end today. this is the last day of the roast you love the most campaign. a free taste test to introduce lighter blond roast and let them compare it to the signature medium and dark roast. they will score a free sample of starbucks blonde that they can brew at home. today is the last day for the freebie. coming up, we introduce you to roscoe the rascal. 4-month-old terrier who's look for a home. i don't think he'll have a hard time finding one with that face.
7:56 am
7:57 am
this is "today in the bay." now that the holidays are behind us and things are starting to settle down, maybe it is time to bring in that new member of your family that you've been waiting to meet.
7:58 am
here's roscoe with lisa simmons, 4-month-old terrier mix and does not talk to people although i wish. >> he kind of does. he is a 4-month-old puppy. he's fixed, microchiped, current on his vaccines and ready to go. he is one of the most fun puppies out there. he is so smart. we learned sit in the lobby. >> wow. >> he's just great. he'd be wonderful for just about any family, active family. >> an active family. >> as you can see, he's pretty active. some of that he'll grow out of. >> he will, he will. being so smart and trainable, we've noticed he's pretty quiet at the shelter, loves other dogs. a lot overwhelming for our feline friends. he could maybe share life with a cat or two. >> roscoe, you leave those cats alone. if you want to find out more about roscoe or the other wonderful pets for adoption,
7:59 am is where you can find more information. we'll be back with you tomorrow morning. more local news tonight at 5:00, 6:00 andç 11:00 or anytime at


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